Freedom is who we are at the core. Love is the means to connect to everything, including you!

– Michelle Arellano

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I am grateful for those teachers in my life who have helped pave my way through their patience, wisdom and generosity as they provided the tools and resources necessary to assist me in life transformation. Through these tools I have found my true, authentic self. I am able to love and embrace myself, in my allness. I’ve learned to continue to look at my shadows, and look at my light, and to be on my path with it all! I’ve created my life purpose through these practices.

I believe it is important to meet people where they’re at. Each person is an individual with unique experiences. I honor that. Work on ourselves is personal and specific to each person, and it’s an honor to walk beside anyone on their journey.

“Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is.”
– Carl Jung

When we come from an authentic, “soul” place, our thoughts, words, and deeds are in perfect alignment with who we truly are. We see more clearly how the setbacks in our lives serve a purpose and move through them more gracefully. So, what keeps us from aligning with who we truly are – our soul’s purpose – and living the extraordinary, authentic lives we are meant to live?

Fear – of breaking free, of taking risks, of trying something new, and of success – blocks our alignment, certainly. Long-held but usually false beliefs about ourselves also stand in our way. When we delve more deeply, we discover our shadow selves as the core obstacle to breaking through to our authentic selves. Our shadow selves are the subconscious parts of ourselves both positive (light) and negative (dark) which we repress, deny and hide. Through shadow work, miracles happen. Our shadows are brought into the light of consciousness and, at last, we begin to discover our soul’s purpose and to live authentic to our soul’s purpose.

I am committed to my own shadow work, the work of the warrior, which is imperative to living authentic to my soul’s purpose. I am grateful to the teacher-warriors in my life who have shown me the way and continue to support me on my soul’s journey. Now, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve others through shadow work, life coaching, spiritual counseling, teaching classes and workshops and much more.

I want to help you discover your authentic self, the truth of who you are, and to live in this truth that allows you to shine your light so brightly that it illuminates and enriches the world.

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